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Copy/Clone a Hard Drive on Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 with Partition Magic Software

A common problem

A common problem is how to clone your installed Windows Server system and move it to a new hard drive on the same computer. Upgrading your Operating System hard drive can be a real headache, but some Server partition software is able to walk you through an easy process to simplify your life, so you can get back to work.

Why do you need hard drive clone?

Well, ask yourself, are you intending to upgrade your Server computer hard disk at some point? Are buying a new computer to replace your old one? If the answer to either of two questions is "Yes", then this guide is definitely for you.

Which software available?

There are various kinds of software, however, you must select reliable and professional in case of data loss. According to the feedbacks, Partition Magic alternative - Partition Assistant Server Edition is considered as a good choice. What's more, there are built-in disk copy wizard and two copy methods in this program.

How to copy hard drive?

The user-friendly interface make the steps much simple.


  1. There are two disk copy methods for you select. If you select "copy disk quickly", the target disk may not be larger than the source disk but must be equal or larger than the used space on the source disk. If you select "sector-by-sector copy", the target disk must be equal or larger than the source disk.

  2. Do backup data of a target disk. .If there were some data on a target disk, these data will be wiped off.

  3. System/Boot disk, dynamic disk, GPT disk and offline disk cannot be selected as a target disk.

Step1: Launch Partition Magic Server software - Partition Assistant Server.

Aomei Partition Assistant

Step2: For example, we regard disk 2 as the source disk, and then we right click disk 2, select "Copy" option. In addition, you also can click the menu, toolbar and wizard.

Choose Source Disk

Step3: In the pop-up window, there are two disk copy methods. Then we take "Sector-by-Sector Copy" for example as followings:

Disk Copy Methods

Step4: Choose disk 3 as a destination disk. After clicking "Next" button, a warning message dialog box pops up. You should either click "Yes" or click "No" to choose another destination hard disk once again.

Choose Target Disk

Step5: Then, you will find disk 2 has been copied to disk 3. Click "Apply" on tool bar to show "Pending Operations".


Step6: Please confirm the operations and click "Proceed".

Click Apply

There is no doubt that Partition Assistant Server Edition with powerful functions can work well on kinds of Windows system to keep your data intact. Now Partition Magic free download demo version and try.

Tips: For Enterprise users, Unlimited Edition provides unlimited usage within one company to save money, namely, you can install it on multiple machines in your company to maximize business productivity whilst minimizing the total cost of management.

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