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Partition Magic Software Awards & Reviews, Customer Testimonials

Partition Assistant brings a robust and diverse set of drive management tools to users of both operating systems, and is poised to compete with Partition Magic and other programs' most basic features. You can resize, create, format, and delete partitions, and most functions can be completed without requiring a reboot.

The simple set of options and features make Partition Assistant extremely easy to use even for beginners. It allows you to resize disk space and copy the disk or partition to a different location as backup in order to eliminate any sort of mishaps.

What makes Partition Assistant Server stand out from similar tool is that most of its actions do not require restarting your computer. This will save you time, because you can still continue your work while the tool is doing partitioning.

Partition Assistant can be a substitute for famous "Partition Magic 8" and provides all the functions of Partition Magic, thus it can also be used as its alternative.

Partition Assistant is an excellent partition management utility. It incorporates features to manage your hard disk partitions, such as resize, move, delete, merge, and split already existing partitions, with full support for both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

With Partition Assistant, resizing is a simple process: just pick up either side of a partition frame with the mouse and drag it to the desired size. A wrongly sized system partition or one running out of space can be easily extended using this same method.

Disk partitioning was never easy, but with the help of Partition Assistant which supports for all the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms, used with almost any kind of disk, including USB and Fire wire devices, and offers tools to create, copy and delete partitions, plus resize partition without losing data. You can download partition magic trial version to try it free.

Partition Assistant Server Edition is a good helper when you attempted to format a hard drive, resize, extend, create or move partitions, change partitions from FAT to NTFS. IT administrators would find a tool like Partition Assistant Server Edition valuable for managing servers.

If you need more partitioning power than the Windows operating system's native Disk Management provides, you should take a closer look at Partition Assistant. This utility offers all the standard and advanced features you'd want to have available in a disk partitioning tool.

Partition Assistant gives you all the functionalities you'd expect from great partition software: extend or decrease partitions, manage disk space easily, settle low disk space problems and includes data protection features.

As the alternative of Partition Magic Server, Partition Assistant Server Edition is the one that takes care of all disk management stuff alone with the top features of Resize/Move Partition, Copy Partition, and Extend Partition Wizard.

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