How to Copy Partition?

Copy partition on server is not difficult task by using Partition Assistant Server Edition. Before take the copy partition introduction for reference, notice the following tips are also important.

Tips1: Free download the demo version for the normally analysis and take a test before real

Tips2: The unallocated space should exist for the copy partition work proceeding.

Tips3: Copy partition can be done without reboot requirement.

Tips4: "Apply" on the toolbar should be clicked for the copy partition working.

Copy partition procedure:

  1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, the interface, which can display the entire disks/partitions information for our full understanding as following shows:

    Aomei Partition Assistant interface

  2. The D: partition is the source partition which needs copy to another partition. Right click D:, select "Copy" option from the drop-down menu.

    Select D: to copy

  3. Then, the following pop out window provides two methods to copy partition; each of them has the brief description. We choose Sector-by-Sector Copy method for reference but need to confirm that the unallocated space capacity must equal or larger than D: partition and then click "Next".

    Copy D: partition method

  4. Follow the steps. Choose the unallocated space as destination space for coping and the click "Next" again.

    Select the destination space for coping

  5. The target partition information will provide for personally choice.

    • Create As: Primary Partition or Logical Partition
    • Drive Letter: Alphabet
    • Resize the new created partition's size is available as well

    After specify all the confirmation, click "Finish".

    Specify the target partition information

  6. Back up to the tips4, after confirm the changes in "Pending Operations" box or in the center graphic images and click "Apply" on the toolbar which are all circled in red.


After the above operations, the important data has cloned to another partition for the backups. From now on, no need to worry about the data lose or inaccessible, because the backups for the further data protection.

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