How to Move Partition?

Move partition is the necessary procedure before achieve the ideal purpose of resize partition. Since all the Windows Disk Management the Server Disk Management included can not move partition, the third party tool is the best choice. Before the detailed operating steps introduction through Partition Assistant Server Edition the following tips are useful as well.

Tips1: After free download Partition Assistant Server Edition, it is not difficult to find that the installation is easy to understand and will not require restart the computer.

Tips2: Unallocated space is the basic condition for the next move task. The following case is the situation that the unallocated space was existed behind the partition which needs to move, if there is not unallocated space; learn more about shrink partition to release unallocated space.

Tips3: Do not forget the key step to commit all the changes by clicking "Apply" on the toolbar.

  1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, the disk partition information shows out with the graphic icon. The unallocated space is behind the D: partition. Right click D:, choose "Resize" option in the drop-down menu.

    Main interface start move partition

  2. Got the next window, position the mouse in D: and drag it to right as following do:

    Move D: partition by dragging to right

  3. After move D: partition to the proper location, click "Ok"

    Move D: partition and click

  4. Back to the main interface, the location of D: partition and the unallocated space have exchanged, before close Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition, never forget the tips3 we mentioned above.

    The changes preview

So, the unallocated space and D: partition both moved the location, the next, we can extend the C: system partition with the unallocated space if we have needs to solve the system partition low disk space problem.

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