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Sector by Sector Clone a Hard Drive to Another and Ensure Deleted Data also is Copied

The technology of hard drive clone sounds like a high-end skill, however, have you ever dreamed of handling this skill easily. You just need to find the short cut. Then this tech would never be a hard work for you. In this article I will introduce you to two short cuts about hard drive clone without risky.

Is Norton Partition Magic able to clone hard drive?

As we know when most people think of partition software, what comes to mind is Norton Partition Magic. However, although this software is a magic in the past, this magic does not support disk clone, it only helps you copy partition from one disk to another. What worse, there's no Servers edition, in other word, you can not use it on the Servers OS. So if you decide to clone hard drive sector-by-sector, you could use Partition Magic Software. No matter you are Server or PC users, it has different editions for different Windows OS versions.

How to sector by sector clone hard drive with Partition Magic Software

As is implied by the name, Partition Assistant can assist you to make disk management become easier and easier. Clone hard drive sector-by-sector is just one of its highlights. This feature could help you clone all data on the hard drive to a new hard drive even the data is deleted or damaged by virus, so long as the data is recoverable, it could be clone to new hard drive and waiting for recover by some recovery software. Let's experience its magic features.

Before our operation you should notice these points:

  • "sector-by-sector copy", the target disk must be equal or larger than the source disk.
  • System/Boot disk, dynamic disk, GPT disk and offline disk cannot be selected as a target disk.
  • If there were some data on a target disk, which will be erased after you apply the operation

Step1. Launch Partition Magic Server alternative - Partition Assistant Server, right-click the disk you want to clone, select "copy"( here we select disk 1 as an example)

Main Interface of PA

Step2. In the pop-up window, there are two copy methods, "copy disk quickly" and "sector-by-sector copy", select "sector-by-sector" and then click "Next".

Disk Copy Method

Step3. In this window, you could select a disk as the target disk, here I select disk 2, then click "next" (If there were some data on a target disk, system will waning you the data will be erased)

Select Target Disk

Step4. In the pop-up window you could read the note about how to boot OS from the target disk. Then click "finish"

Note about Boot

Finally, do not forget to click "Apply" to make our operation take effect on the physics hard drive

Apply operation

Clone hard drive can be completed with only four steps, is that easy? You need not to take your computer to the tech servers and cost a lot on it.

It could solve the hard partition problem without any risky, you need not to complain "how to clone a hard drive" any more just a few minutes and a few button clicks. Now let's download free trial version and experience the magic of them.

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