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Effectively Upgrade Hard Drive by Copy Hard Drive to New Hard Drive

Have you ever bumped up against the limits of your small, old hard drive over and over? When you find it seems to be a time to upgrade. If you were planning to upgrade hard drive, there will be one small problem: How do you get your data from the old hard drive to the new one without reinstalling everything? The best answer is to copy hard drive to new hard drive. Copying hard drive sounds like a hard operation for the common users. You need not to take your computer to the engineer and pay a high cost on it; you also needn't spend your weekends on learning the DOS commands by heart. In this article I will introduce you three simplest ways to copy hard drive to new hard drive without any data loss.

Copy hard drive to new hard drive by Partition Magic

Partition Magic is used to be the most famous partition management. This tool is support you to manage your hard disk such as create/delete partition, resize partition, and partition/disk copy. Here the disk copy is our needed:

  1. Select "Pick a Task" from the main interface of PM and choose "Copy a disk" from the list of available options.
  2. Select the hard drive that you want to copy the data to. Make sure that the hard drive you select has enough free space. Select the "Primary" and "Unhidden" options and click "Next.
  3. Specify the size of the copied disk; then Select "Beginning of the Unallocated Space" from the "Position" option. Click "OK.
  4. Confirm your settings and click "OK." Partition Magic will copy hard drive to new hard drive.

Through this operation you could upgrade your hard drive easily but you should notice that Partition Magic could not work on server OS. If you are the server users you could use the partition tool below to solve your problem.

Copy hard drive with Partition Magic Server Software

As we know to a common Server user, the most important thing is keep the server work well, but some time you may find that the disk space always run out of space, so you have to buy a larger hard drive to meet the demand. So how to copy hard drive to new hard drive becomes a problem when the Partition Magic doesn't work. The Partition Magic for Server - Partition Assistant Server Edition is designed for Severs users who want to manage their hard drive well. It is an all-in-one partition management. It offers create partition, resize partition, copy partition/disk, and each of these feature has its own wizard procedure, and support all Windows OS, makes the operation more humanized. Following the next for steps you could copy hard drive easily.

Before the operation you should be attention to this:

  • According to different copy methods, the size of target disk must match with source disk you want to copy.
  • The data on a target disk, which will be erased after you apply the operation.
  • System/Boot disk, dynamic disk, GPT disk and offline disk cannot be selected as a target disk.
  • The disk copy software offers an option to restart the computer when you copy the disk which contains the Operating System.
  • Recoverable data can be copied to destination disk only by sector-by-sector copy method.

Step1. Download Partition Magic for Server free trial, run it after installation complete. Right-click a disk you want to copy as the source disk on the list, select "copy" (here we choose disk2 as an example)

Select Source Disk

Step2. In the pop-up window there are two copy method "copy disk quickly" and "sector-by-sector copy". Choose the right method which you need and then click "Next"( here I select first method)

Disk Copy Method Option

Step3. Select destination disk. I want to choose disk 3 as the target disk, because I want to upgrade hard drive so I should choose a larger one. Then click "Next"

Select Destination Disk

Step4. Edit disk. In this box you can resize the partition size of your old partition which now is in the new hard drive. After setting up the size click "Next"

Edit Disk

Now our operation is finished 80%, you just need to read the "note" in the next window then click "finish". Finally, click "Apply" on the toolbar to realize our operation on the hard drive. Only a few minutes waiting, "copy hard drive to new hard drive" is finished, and upgrade hard drive is also complete safety.

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