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Great Partition Manager Software

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product - saved the day with a messed up hard drive that wasn't partitioned properly in preparation for a Win2k3 install (my own fault). This magic software was simple to use, had the options that I needed, and did the job in a few seconds without fuss or bother. I avoided having to re-install system. Cheers!

Ken from Melbourne


One year of serious stress induced by a full C: drive on my SBS server has finally come to an end thanks to your software. Your price is right compared to competitive products and the product is very easy and safe to use. The only thing I would add is some documentation on what to expect after applying the changes and Windows reboots. Other than that; FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas!

Randy Neufeldt

Partition Management

Your product is phenomenal!!!

I have been getting messages that I was running out of disk space. My C drive had a capacity of only 29G, while my D drive was in excess of 400G. In that I'm not particularly savvy regarding current software.
I tried everything I could find for the past couple of months to resolve the problem....Disk Management snap-in... Diskpart.....advice...etc. with no success. Finally, I happened on to your web site.

I downloaded your software and with practically no effort at all, I was able to expand my C drive without reboot.

Thank you.
Steven Hines


Just wanted to write to say you have a great product. My C drive was full and so I tried to unpartition my D drive. I could not get the C drive to then use the unallocated space until I downloaded your Partition Magic Software. And after that I had it done in less than two minutes.

Great product. I think somehow you need to get your product closer to the beginning of the internet search line. I spent about an hour looking over several sites until I got to yours. Yours work, and it worked fast. Thanks!!!

Randy Posslenzny

Server Partition Program...

I have a Windows 2003 Server which I tried to extend the primary partition into unused space using "DISKPART". Diskpart hung and left Windows thinking it had an 80GB drive even though it would not use more than 15GB of it.

I was able to remove some files, install your software and resize the partition to 75GB. Two reboots later the drive is correctly sized and I have my server back!


Many Thanks

We would like to offer our thanks for your excellent products. We were setting up a VMware esxi environment to test some applications and we realized we made the virtual disk too small. We used some esxi native commands to create more space and Partition Assistant to expand the current C: drive to use all the new space. It worked like a charm!


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