Latest Partition Magic Windows 8 for Hard Disk Partition Management

About Microsoft Windows 8

As the newest Windows operating system, Windows 8 brings significant changes in interface and features. It has a new touch user interface and shell based on Microsoft's "Metro" design language, and the new Windows Store to free get or buy applications. Besides, Windows 8 takes advantage of new or emerging technologies like USB 3.0, 4Kn Advanced Format, near field communications, cloud computing, and the low-power ARM architecture.

Why need Windows 8 Partition Magic?

It is nearly 8 months since Windows 8 was released for general availability on October 26, 2012. After installing Windows 8 and applications, your system partition becomes full and free space is too less to meet the growing updates. In such case, you need to resize partition to allocate disk space.

Windows 8 built-in Disk Management features "Extend volume" function, however, it’s only able to extend volume into contiguous unallocated space. In other words, if the unallocated space doesn’t locate at the right of the partition you want to extend, the "Extend volume" option will be greyed out. Then, Partition Magic Windows 8 is your best choice.

What can Partition Magic Windows 8 do for you?

As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant Pro is considered as the latest Partition Magic for Windows 8. It features all-in-one disk partition management tools for Windows 8 to handle system problem, storage issue and migration need. The following lists are the main functions of this Partition Magic Windows 8:

  • Resize and move Windows 8 partition without losing data
  • Merge two partitions into one or merge unallocated space into partition
  • Allocate free space from one partition to another directly
  • Partition alignment helps you optimize system performance
  • Migrate OS to SSD without reinstalling Windows 8
  • Built-in Dynamic Disk Converter, NTFS to FAT32 Converter and MBR to GPT Converter
  • Copy partition/disk to new hard drive for data protection
  • Partition recovery wizard enables you to recover lost or deleted partition
  • Make WinPE based bootable CD wizard
  • More…

With step-by-step wizards and user-friendly interface, the features of Partition Magic Windows 8 are easy to use, no matter whether you've got experience in using Partition Magic or not. What’s more, any changes you do on in Windows 8 will be displayed in the "Pending Operations", confirm any operations before you click "Apply". Below is the Windows 8 Partition Magic - Partition Assistant Pro main interface:

Partition Magic Windows 8

Tips: This Partition Magic software also supports the latest Windows 8.1.

You are able to free download the demo version of Partition Magic for Windows 8 to try before you buy full version.

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