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Can We Migrate Windows Server 2003 to SSD without Data loss?

What is SSD?

SSD stands for solid-state drive or electronic disk. It uses flash memory as a storage medium and access in the same way of a traditional block I/O hard disk drive. Compared with traditional magnetic disk, solid state drive is faster in reading and writing. Data can be maintained in SSD even when power is off. Small in size, it is portable and less susceptible to physical shock. It work without making and noise and can work under wide range of temperature. It is a suitable for containing operating system. But SSD is much more expensive than traditional magnetic disk and has Limitations in write times.

With all these excellent points in SSD, users prefer to use it as boot drive to boost system performance in Windows Server 2003. For OS (Operating System) can not be directly moved by copy and paste. OS cloning is a sophisticated work for most Server users and may result in data loss. Then can we migrate Windows Server 2003 to SSD safely?

Can we migrate Windows 2003 to SSD safely?

The answer for this question is yes. Server partition manager – Partition Assistant Server Edition contains the tool to migrate Windows 2003 to SSD. "Migrate OS to SSD" is an update for Partition Assistant Server Edition to realize OS cloning easily. Besides, it can do partition maintenance including resize partition Windows 2003, move partition, split partition, etc. It works under Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 both 32 bit and 64 bit.

How to migrate Windows 2003 to SSD with Partition Assistant?

Suppose your PC is running Windows Server 2003 and OS partition is 8.15G. You have a 128GB SSD and intend to migrate Windows 2003 to SSD.

Download Partition Magic Server manager and learn to migrate Windows 2003 to SSD.

First, launch Partition Assistant Server Edition and click "Wizard" in the toolbar. Choose "Migrate OS to SSD" in the drop-down menu. Then click "Next" to proceed the wizard.


Second, choose unallocated space of SSD (disk 2) as destination space and click "Next".

Choose destination space

Third, adjust the size of the partition by dragging the slider leftwards or rightwards. Then click "Next".

Adjust destination partition

Fourth, after clicking "Next", there will be a note for booting operating system. Read it over and click "Finish".

Read the note carefully

Finally, you will see the copy on the solid state drive. To take all the changes into effect, click "Apply" -> "Proceed" -> "Yes".


Download partition magic free Server demo version to take a shot.

Tips: Read the note carefully, there are tips for booting operating system. Bear in mind to click "Apply" or all the pending operations will be cancelled.

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